Ryan Kvande

One day my wife asked what kind of art we should hang on our empty wall. I said, "let me think about that". I saw a moire pattern and my mind lit up with possibilities. Pulling that idea our of my imagination and making it real was the challenge. I settled on wood as my medium and had to learn every aspect from scratch. I made three amazing sculptures for that empty wall. Looking at them was like getting lost staring into a campfire. I knew I had created something special and had to share these. The most precious thing to me is bringing what once only existed in my mind and sharing it with other people. I wish it upon everyone. I hope you enjoy my imagination as much as I do. 


All my work is conceptualized and handmade by me. I draw the sculptures onto wood, then cut them with a scroll saw. I round the edges with a router and do the final shaping with a belt sander. Each part must be meticulously measured. I use a laser accurate drill press to achieve the level of precision needed. The entire piece is then sanded by hand. I apply wood dye instead of stains because it penetrates and brings out more grain detail. Then finish it with Tung oil which brings out the wood grain even more and is highly resistant to water. I use instrument grade sealed stainless steel ball bearings to help achieve the longest spin time possible. The end result is a truly unique, interesting sculpture.