Milan Param

Milan Param is a spirited architect of many natural and supernatural realms. In this GEMLAND ARCHITECTURAL series, mineral formations and gemstones transport a fertile imagination into wondrous lands, ripe for mythical interpretations. Can you imagine living in such magical places?
"When my art inspires imagination and an appreciation of nature's elemental wonders, I am filled with delightful gratitude."
The development of this unique genre of Art and the collection of its thousand parts has been an endeavor for Milan since 1972. Practices in the Arts of Bonkei, (Japanese tray landscaping),sculpting, painting, lapidary and architectural modeling were essential in cultivating these creations. 
Phrases such as "natural yet surreal scenes," "mythological settings," "native habitats," "dream-scapes," and "psychic refuge" have been used to describe Milan's work.
Milan explains that mineral formations speak in a language of design, color, and dimension  which he translates into artistic sculpture. Although Milan's primary artistic revelations come from nature, he has been influenced by others. the architectural imagination of Frank Loyd Write, Goudi, and the magical miniature opulence of Carl Fabrege' have inspired Milan.
In the past Milan's sculpture took First Prize for 3-D Art in the California state wide Invitational. His art has been sold by galleries in several states to appreciative patrons and celebrities. Shirley MacLain owns one sculpture entitled, "Paragon Refuge."
Milan has also been an environmental activities dedicated to earth and human health.